Katie Brunn, Council VOA President

Katie Brunn

I joined Venturing 2 years ago, and the youth founder, former Vice President of Administration, and the current President of Crew 909. I am also a member of Crew 1, the NYLT staff crew. In 2015, I attended National Youth Leadership Training, and will be staffing NYLT this fall. Several weeks ago I staffed Woodbadge as a youth Venturer. I will be attending NYLT Academy, as well as Venturingfest this summer alongside Acacia Goldbach, our Council VP of Program. I frequently help lead trainings for crews such as Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews, Goal Setting and Time Management. I am also trained to be a Kodiak Guide, and currently looking into running a Kodiak course in the future. I am now going for my Summit Award, and I currently have my Discovery Award. Recently in Venturing, I lead a group of underserved youth through Scoutreach on the COPE high ropes course at Pigott to show them what Venturing is all about. I have also participated in events such as the Klondike Derby, and Venturing Winter Challenge. I am thrilled to work with my amazing officers this year and engage Chief Seattle Council in fun and challenging events such as VWC, Secrets of Seattle, the Area 1 RAVE, and much more. I am prepared and excited to lead Chief Seattle Council Venturing in another great year

Angie Seely, VP of Communications

I joined Crew 570 over a year ago, and took on leadership as soon as I could. I am now currently the President for Crew 570. Last year I went to NYLT to further my leadership skills, and this year I am coming back on as staff for Week 4. Throughout my time in Venturing, I have grown as a person, and a leader. I’m excited to be serving as the Council VOA VP of Communication, and to join the rest of the VOA in making this year our best year yet!



Acacia Goldbach, VP of Programs

Since joining the Venturing program a year and a half ago, I’ve founded Crew 1529, attended World Jamboree, gone through NYLT, and am now getting ready to staff NYLT for my 1st time. In my previous term as Vice President of Special Events, I helped plan Venturing Winter Challenge, and Secrets of Seattle: Venturing Edition. I am excited to work with the VOA to help plan our upcoming events for the next year, including a second Secrets of Seattle: Venturing Edition, VWC 2017, and preparing Chief Seattle to host the next Area 1 RAVE. As a Venturer, I challenge everyone to follow our motto, and to help ‘Lead the Adventure’ with me, wherever it may take us (But don’t forget to ‘Be Prepared’ along the way!)

Alexander Bookless, VP of Administration

I haven’t been in the Venturing program for long, just for little over a year. In my last term as Council Admin, I helped plan Venturing Winter Challenge, a fun event at Ensign Ranch, which had tons of fun games sponsored by crew, shooting sports, climbing wall, and a fun dance party. I’m apart of 3 Venture Crews; Crew 1, 42, and 570. Crew 1, for those who don’t know, is the Council’s NYLT staff crew, and Crew 42 mainly staffs Camp Edward and Camp Sheppard. I am an Eagle Scout, and currently working towards my Summit Award. I am excited to be returning as the Council VOA VP of Administration, and can’t wait to help make our year ahead of us the best year possible! 

Nick Lopez, VP of Training

Throughout my Scouting career, I have learned many leadership skills and have partaken in a few leadership trainings, such as NYLT. Recently, I wasintroduced to Venturing by Crew 909 and have been in Venturing for about 3 months now. When I got offered the chance for a leadership position within Venturing, I jumped on it. I liked the idea of being able to help out within my new-found group and put all I have learned through scouting to use. My current rank in Boy Scouts is Life and I am currently working on my Eagle project. I’m also the SPL of Troop 909. Though I may be a bit ambitious, I feel qualified to take on the role of VP of Training and to assist in the adventure through 2016 and into 2017.