Tyler Cushing, Council VOA President

I have been in scouting for many years, I started as cub scout pack 432, then joined troop 401, I became an Eagle scout at the age of 13 and became SPL of my troop. I was sent to NYLT and invited back to staff, and I have staffed for several years and was an SPL for a week 2018. I’ve been involved in Venturing for the past couple years in a crew, in NYLT and recently got into the VOA as crew 1 representative.

I am have completed my AA in software development and am pursuing my Bachelors degree in software development through WGU online University.

I’m looking forward to reaching out and bringing people in to Venturing and I hope you’ll join me in making this an awesome year in Venturing!

Erik Odderson, VP of Programs

Erik has been in the scouting program for 8 years. He started in cub scouts but soon moved on to troop 565. He has enjoyed every minute of scouts with the highlights being going to NYLT and merit badge weekend.

Erik is currently attending Bellevue college as a running start student from Juanita high school. He is working towards his Associates in arts and sciences. He hopes to peruse higher education in medicine and one day become a doctor.

Erik is looking forward to earning his Eagle Scout rank and being the SPL for chief seattle council NYLT. This term he hopes to increase venturing membership and improve awareness about VOA.

Thomas Nelson, VP of Communications

A member of Bothell Troop 622, Thomas is a senior at Bothell High with interests in computer science and business. Thomas has been involved in scouts since he was a bear cub. Now an Eagle Scout, Thomas has earned numerous merit badges, been to many different camps, and has participated in tons of fun outings. Some of the favorite things he’s done in scouts is staff at NYLT and traveled to Florida Sea Base. Thomas is new to venturing and looks forward to discovering everything it has to offer while simultaneously spreading awareness of it as well.

Sabrina Huish, VP of Administration

I’m a member of crew 518, and hoping to join a girls troop come February. I’m a running start student, and I volunteer at evergreen hospital. I love the service aspect of scouting almost as much as the shooting sports and I’ve been a scouter for four years now. I’ve staffed Nylt one year and five years of Sammamish trails cub scout day camp.