New Crews

Take a look at this helpful guidebook listed below to get started in Chief Seattle Council Venturing – It is great for new families and new crews: Welcome to Venturing

Organizing a Venturing crew is easy to do. Just follow these steps:

  1. A survey is conducted annually in community high schools to determine students’ recreational, hobby, and avocation interests.
  2. A meeting is called of key people within an organization, with a Scouting representative in attendance. The representative explains the Venturing program, describes the key volunteer leader positions, and plans the recruiting of adult leaders.
  3. The crew committee and Advisors are recruited and meet with the Scouting representative. Responsibilities of adult leaders are explained. The Scouting representative also discusses program ideas and helps develop a one-year program. The crew’s one-year program is reviewed and adopted.
  4. The organization’s top executive writes a personal letter to each young adult selected from the survey, or identified through other recruitment efforts, and invites the youth and their parents to attend an organizational meeting. This letter is followed by a personal phone invitation from a member of the organization to each prospective youth.
  5. The first meeting is held, involving young adults, the adult committee, and selected consultants. Adult Advisors share the program plans with the new Venturers (youth) and discuss member involvement and leadership roles through the election of youth officers.

For additional information and support on organizing a new Venturing crew or Sea Scout ship, go to or the Program Impact Department, National Council, Boy Scouts of America.