Communication Resources:

Council Resources:

Chief Seattle Council Venturing -Facebook Page – all event details posted here. Great for Crew Presidents to “like”.   Crew Advisors, please “like” this page to keep up on any changes.

Chief Seattle Council Venturing Advisors/Skippers – Facebook group – information sharing, ideas and comments in a positive environment.  Please “like” this page to get notices.

 CSC Venturing Webpage –   More detailed information about VOA officers and events, registration links, activities, resources.

 Area 1:

Area 1 Western Region – Facebook page –

Western Region:

Western Region Venturing – Website  –

Western Region Venturing – Facebook page –

Western Region Venturing – Facebook group – request to join

Western Region Venturing Advisors –  Facebook group – request to join


National Website

Venturing, BSA –

Additional Resources:

 ScoutingWire – all communications will come out through here.

 Training –

Adult training –

Youth training –

Advancement –

Advancement website –

Venturing Board of Review Guide

Venturing Summit Award Project Workbook

Venturing Summit Award Application

Marketing –

Venturing Marketing Material –

National Recruitment Campaign – can also be found on ScoutingWire